Goddess of the Week

What is Goddess of the Week?

My intention with Goddess of the Week is to make women and their great work more visible. I believe that the more women’s voices are heard around the world, the more we will create a global culture where women and girls are respected and honored — and as a result, the great power of women’s wisdom will make its way back to help bring our world into a peaceful balance.

What makes someone a Goddess?

god•dess n:
1. one of a group of superstar female beings who uses her feminine wisdom and supernatural powers to heal the collective consciousness and create good in the world.
2. a woman who pursues causes and concerns with passion, unconcerned about challengers and naysayers.
3. a woman who is courageous, gutsy and dares to live her truth.
4. a female who emanates love, beauty, and grace just by showing up.

Each week I feature a woman who is doing great things in the world and daring to live her truth. These women come from all fields including education, health, arts and entertainment, journalism, politics, world relations, motherhood, business, finance, technology, media and more.

Featured Goddesses (click on image to read feature)

Lynn Zavaro


Cecily Miller



Catherine DeMonte



Ellen Heed



Tracey Trottenberg



Wendi Knox



Amy Swift-Crosby



Mary Ann Halpin



Christina Morassi



Sheila Kelley



Jacqueline Novogratz



Kamala Lopez



Kara Isreal



Meade Palidofsky



Caroline Myss



Sonia Choquette



Gabrielle Bernstein



Amanda Steinberg



Anne Wells



Michelle Obama



Tippi Hedren



Christiane Northrup



Vicki Abeles


How do I nominate someone for Goddess of the Week?

If there is a woman that you would like to nominate to be featured as Goddess of the Week, please contact me at tabby@tabbybiddle.com with “Goddess of the Week” in the subject line. Please tell me a little bit about her in the body of the email and include her contact information should I select her for an interview.


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