About Tabby

Tabby-Biddle-HeadshotTabby Biddle, M.S. Ed., is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and a well-known voice speaking out for the human rights of women and girls around the world.

A two-time recipient of a United Nations Foundation press fellowship to advance the dialogue around the rights of women and girls, Tabby’s articles and blogs have been featured by numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, NPR, Current TV, BlogHer and MariaShriver.com.

As an advocate for the feminine voice with a deep dedication to growing women’s awareness of their feminine power, Tabby works with women leaders and emerging leaders to help them access their wisdom, articulate their message, and grow their socio-political influence.

In her 20 years in the personal growth and media industries, Tabby has traveled extensively both on an internal and global journey. She began her career in politics and journalism in Washington, D.C. at The Women’s Campaign Fund, CNN and National Geographic Magazine. Later, sparked by an intuitive calling, she left the desk-life to head to Southeast Asia, Nepal and India for an 18-month spiritual journey. During her trip, she taught English to Tibetan monks and began teaching yoga to Tibetan refugee teenage girls in Dharamsala, India. Tabby later moved to London and served as magazine editor for the Free Tibet Campaign.

Passionate about travel, adventure and connecting with people from around the world, Tabby took an opportunity to report on the lives of children in the Middle East for GlobaLearn, an education company dedicated to connecting children worldwide. This job opened Tabby to the power and authentic beauty of working with children. As a result, she made a career switch to teaching. She moved to New York City and worked at City & Country School where she taught preschool, kindergarten, and yoga for children.

Seven years later, in 2006, Tabby moved to Santa Monica, California, where she had a spiritual awakening to the Goddess. She launched Lotus Blossom Style, a yoga apparel company designed to help women celebrate and re-claim their relationship with the Goddess, and in turn, themselves. She began writing The Goddess Diaries to share about her awakening to the Feminine and open up important discussion on the lives of women and girls. This led her to re-launch her career as a journalist and writer — this time as an advocate for empowering women and girls, and supporting women changemakers to get their message out. Her popular column, Goddess of the Week, features women doing work to heal and empower women and girls around the world.

Over the last seven years, Tabby has written, lectured and given interviews on the Divine Feminine and the power of a woman’s voice. Tabby is the Co-Director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, a community of women leaders and emerging leaders at the intersection of feminine spirituality, creative expression and socio-political change. Tabby earned her Master’s degree in Education from Bank Street College in New York City, and her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colby College in Maine. She resides in Santa Monica, CA with her beloved husband, toddler son and kitten.

To get free resources to increase the power and influence of your voice, visit tabbybiddle.com.


6 thoughts on “About Tabby

  1. I really like the way you connect … your reflections are so welcoming and add to my day.
    As my passion is all about attention and what it means, how it impacts us, how we get it and give it and what kind we give and get…24/7… I truly appreciate your blogging and style!!!

  2. Hi Tabby.. your entry today was particularly timely for me. Thank you for your work and your insight. As a newly single woman with many new responsibilities.. bills, job, business, home mortgage, property management.. I was getting really deep into fear that I couldn’t do it and that I needed a rescuer..Your blog today reminded me that I am richly and deeply connected with amazing powerful women and that I am capable of tapping into my own goddess energy and focus to take care and love myself through the fear.. not to go back to being small and rescued.. THank you. I don’t know if you remember me from Todd’s YTT, but I am thrilled that I am in your network..love, elizabeth

  3. Hi Elizabeth!

    So good to hear from you!! Yes, I remember you from Todd’s YTT! That was my first teaching training and a very memorable one. Are you teaching yoga?

    I hear you on the challenges you are going through. They can be scary, I know. I am so happy to hear that the blog inspired you to tap into your goddess energy and was a reminder of the amazing powerful women that you are connected with.

    Please keep in touch Elizabeth.

  4. Tabby,

    Just wanted you to know that I look forward to receiving and reading your blog entries each
    week. I am very happy to learn of your success and happiness.

    All the best,

  5. Marvin,

    How great to hear from you!!
    Where are you these days??
    It was a real treat to see your message in my inbox!
    Write me with some of your news when you can.
    Much love,

  6. It’s so wonderful to see others that are focusing on a more profound feminine connection. I have been writing a musical screenplay on this theme called – “Sister Goddess”. The title song is “Goddess” among other related songs.
    It is about the evolution of a young woman as her fantasies of a fairytale marriage are dispelled and she progresses to a deeper spiritual awakening.

    Keep up the good work,
    Traysiah Spring

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