Hey Women, You are Powerful and Mighty

I used to be terrified to use my voice as a public speaker. I worried about whether I would sound stupid. If I would freeze up. If people would “get me” and if I would sound like a crazy lady. You remember those witch burnings, right? Tons of FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. But then my dream of trailblazing social and political change for women and girls became much bigger than my fear. It became more POWERFUL. More MIGHTY. More in synch with who I really am.
Do you dream of a world where all women and girls are empowered and ensured their equal human rights? Do you struggle with some of the same fears I did (and at times, still do)? If so, I invite your comments below and to join me for my FREE 2-part call series,“How to Go From Sideline Sitter to Trailblazing Feminine Changemaker,” on July 31st & August 5th. We are makin’ it happen ladies!
Say YES here:


Tabby Biddle is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and well-known voice speaking out for the human rights of women and girls. She is the Co-Director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, and is the Creatix of the Goddess Leadership Program, an revolutionary program designed to strengthen and activate the political voices and consciousness of emerging women leaders and amplify their feminine leadership platform for global healing and socio-political change. Over the last seven years, Tabby has written, lectured and given interviews on the topic of the Divine Feminine and the power of a woman’s voice. For inspiration and guidance to strengthen your voice and advance your influence as a feminine leader, visit tabbybiddle.com.


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