Gabrielle Bernstein is Goddess of the Week!

My Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

by Tabby Biddle

“I’ve overcome drug addiction, love addiction, food addiction, work addiction, you name it and I’ve recovered. Becoming the happiest person I know didn’t happen overnight. I did a lot of serious self-reflective work to get to this place. Man, was it worth it!”

Gabrielle Bernstein, founder of

author of Add More ~ing to Your Life

Gabrielle Bernstein

T:  You are coming to LA next week to lead an event called “Know~ing Your Worth.” Tell me about that.

G:  The Know~ing Your Worth lecture focuses on a key principle to manifesting. I don’t teach people the tools for manifestation without getting them into “the know” first. Until you believe you are worthy of your desires you cannot fully receive them. This lecture focuses on amping up your belief system so that you can make your manifestations stick.

T: It’s so true — until we believe we are worthy of our desires we cannot fully receive them. What’s one method you use to help women amp up their belief system?

G:  D.P. & M. Daily prayer and meditation will get you into “the know.” Constant contact with your ~ing guides you to know that the Universe has your back.

T: What exactly is ~ing? I know you recently published a book called Add More ~ing to your life. Tell me more about that.

G:  ~ing stands for ‘inner guidance.’ By adding more ~ing we choose the voice of our inner guide over the voice of our fearful ego. In my book I am teaching that adding more ~ing leads us to happiness by choosing a better way to view our lives.

T: How did you get on this path?

G: Up until the age of twenty-five I was searching for happiness on the outside. I had a bad case of what I call the “when I haves.” For example, “When I have that next boyfriend then I’ll be happy.” Or, “When I have that new client then all be happy.” None of that worked. This outside search led me to hit a bottom at which point (at 25 years old) I chose to turn inward. I became a student of metaphysics and amped up my meditation practice. In addition, I got sober. I released the party girl mentality and became a metaphysics junky. Then I went into self-study mode. I read everything I could get my hands on. I became a student of A Course in Miracles and I began to reposition my fear back to love. I continue this on a daily basis. Most importantly I grew a deep meditation practice. This is what carries me today.

T: You mentioned becoming sober. What have been some of your other personal struggles?

G:  I’ve overcome drug addiction, love addiction, food addiction, work addiction, you name it and I’ve recovered. Becoming the happiest person I know didn’t happen overnight. I did a lot of serious self-reflective work to get to this place. Man, was it worth it!

T: So would you say that your ~ing helped you overcome these things?

G:  Yes, my connection to my ~ing is what has carried me through all of my obstacles. I’ve overcome all of these struggles with my steadfast journey inward. Today I know I am being guided and I can see all obstacles as opportunities.

T: I love that perspective of seeing all obstacles as opportunities. Can you say more about that in your life?

G:  Any time a situation doesn’t work out the way I planned I know it’s always because there’s something better on the way.

T:  What is your life is like today?

photo by sam bassett

G: As a result of turning my life around I have everything I’ve ever desired. I  practice the principles that I teach on a moment-by-moment basis. Therefore my life just flows. When I have difficult obstacles I know they are assignments and I just show up. My life rules today.

Today I am a motivational speaker, life coach and author. My mission is to spread this message to the masses and change lives by igniting one ~ing at a time. That was how I was guided to write Add More ~ing To Your Life.

T: Is there anything you still struggle with?

G:  Fear creeps in from time to time but I am grateful for that. My mini ego meltdowns keep me on my toes and connected to my work.

T: What do you mean by that?

G:  What I mean is that I still struggle with fearful thoughts from time to time. Rather than succumb to the fear, I use it as a road map to look inward and figure out what I still need to work on.

T:  Looking back now at “worth,” what advice can you offer a woman who wants take the first steps to knowing her worth?

G:  The first step towards knowing your worth is willingness. With the slightest willingness you’ll be guided to go deeper and believe in yourself. You’ll become clear on how you’re blocking your greatness and be willing to change.

T: So, how can women get more involved with the work you do?

G:  The best way for women to get more involved with my work is to join my site This site is one of my greatest accomplishments. There are thousands of women helping one another and mentoring each other. The content on this site is based on love. It truly rules!

To learn more about my upcoming lectures you can visit, and to download my guided meditations and lecture podcasts just type my name into iTunes.

T: Wonderful! Thank you Gabby.

* You can join Gabrielle at her event, Know~ing Your Worth, on Wednesday, April 28  in Los Angeles at The Standard Downtown LA, 550 S Flower St. Los Angeles CA, 90071. Get more details here.


4 thoughts on “Gabrielle Bernstein is Goddess of the Week!

  1. Love this, and her! I’m reading her book and I love her lectures on iTunes. Definitely propelling me into maintaining more positive thoughts and working on my own ~ing. Rock on 🙂

  2. i found your blog by googling “goddess wordpress,” and viola, one of my favorite authors of all time is featured here! Add More ~ing got me through a rough patch; so cool that you got to interview her. 🙂

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