The Kiss Between Sandra and Meryl

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock kiss at the Critic's Choice Awards

In an interview with Oprah the day after winning her Best Actress Oscar, Sandra Bullock revealed more detail about her intention behind kissing Meryl Streep at the Critic’s Choice Awards in January.

“You just feel in this business they pit women up against each other all of the time. They don’t do it to the men, and I am so tired of it. So I said, how do we diffuse this? I’m gonna kiss her.”

Three cheers for Sandra for making this statement and for giving beautiful recognition to the other 4 Best Actress Nominees.

Sandra told Oprah: “We became a sorority for the past three months, us ladies. And we are all so different. I don’ know how you pick one. You can’t. I represented all five of us.”

Sandra and Helen Mirren

Meryl Streep

Gaborney Sidibe

Carey Mulligan


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