Rolling With It…Or Not

rollerblades_tabbyI was out rollerblading with my cousin today, like we do every Thursday morning. It is a time for us to catch up, talk about what’s going on in our lives, get some exercise, and drink in the beautiful beachside heaven that we have here in Santa Monica.

The blades I had been wearing up until a few months ago were a pair I had bought in the early 90s back when I lived in Washington, DC. Yes, you remember, when blading was the hot trend. When I mentioned to a friend in Seattle recently that I go blading every week, she responded, “Blading? Do people still do that?” Well, I have for 15 years. But then I also love disco music and Wheaties.

One day this winter I was blading with my cousin — rolling on our wheels, exhilarating in the good fortune of living in such a magnificent place – and my blades suddenly CRACKED. Yes, that’s right. My trusty pair of blades split ride down the sides. No more support. In grand ceremonial style, I released these blades that had been with me for 15 years into the dumpster feeling like I was releasing something much bigger, but not quite able to name it.

It’s four months later and I have been through two new pair of rollerblades and neither of them have worked for me. The first pair dug into my ankles, gave me bruises and cuts. I tried band aids, moleskin, extra thick socks, you name it. I took them back. The store gave me a new pair that feel comfortable on my feet, but don’t have the proper ankle support and the wheels roll at a noticeably slower rate than my beloved 15-year snappy K2 pair. With arch supports slid inside, this latest pair were the ones I was wearing today.

I pulled over to a bench to see if tightening the laces, strap and buckle might help give me more support. As I was cinching down the buckle, I said out loud, “I wonder why my old blades were able to support me so well? I never had all of these problems!” As my cousin and I both speak the same language of Louise Hay and like to look at the deeper meaning underneath outer circumstances, she reminded me that feet represent moving forward. That reminder ignited me to announce, “How funny that my old blades, my old support system, cracked. And ever since then I have been experimenting with different brands of blades and fumbling around with trying to get support!”

It could have been a simple moment, but for me like with most everything else, it resonated with great meaning. I realized that there might be something more to this blade journey than going from A to B. But in thinking so deeply, was I just spinning my wheels?

It is true that I have indeed let go of old ways, old support systems and old beliefs and have been in a place of transition where I have not yet found my center or in blading terms, my stride. My collapsing ankles and slow rolling wheels were, in my mind, material evidence that transitions take time.

What about you — when you see a ladybug does it indicate luck on the way? How about a penny? Prosperity coming? In other words, do you find big meanings in small things?


Tabby Biddle is a writer and editor specializing in helping women entrepreneurs and emerging authors get their message out. Additionally she is the founder of Lotus Blossom Style, a yoga lifestyle company created to support women in their personal transformation. She lives in Santa Monica, CA.


9 thoughts on “Rolling With It…Or Not

  1. hi Tabby, great sharing…
    yesterday, during my lunch break…I took a hike up to “knob hill” here in Milford, PA…a great over-look of Milford, PA…The Delaware River…New Jersey and New York State…towards the end of my hike…the song, “The Power of Goodbye” by Madonna came on, and reminded me the power of goodbye. What do I need to say goodbye, what doesn’t serve me, what do I need to let go of…seems to synch with your message.
    An excerpt from the lyrics:

    Your heart is not open so I must go
    The spell has been broken, I loved you so
    Freedom comes when you learn to let go
    Creation comes when you learn to say no

    You were my lesson I had to learn
    I was your fortress you had to burn
    Pain is a warning that somethings wrong
    I pray to God that it wont be long
    Do ya wanna go higher?

    Theres nothing left to try
    Theres no place left to hide
    Theres no greater power
    Than the power of good-bye


  2. Thanks Greg so much for sharing this. I could picture you on your hike. 🙂

    The most profound line from the lyrics you shared for me was…

    “Creation comes when you learn to say no”

    I think we are so trained to think that saying ‘yes’ means creation, while in many cases it does, on the other side saying ‘yes’ to the wrong things can thwart our creation and this is where I think a lot of us get stuck.

    I have been practicing saying no to things that don’t feel right to me over the past couple of months and it is really incredible how different that feels and how powerfully that puts me more in alignment with myself and able to access deeper parts of my creative flow.

    Thanks for sharing Greg!


  3. that’s great insight!

    i feel that way…and often in my life, i would always say yes…(to some long-term harmful habits)…and so i like the idea of learning to say no will help my create the life i want!


  4. Aloha Tabby, michee here, you are back in the states?? I am back in hawaii, just left la. transition is the name of the game right now and it seems like a lot of effort lately to keep the momentum moving foward.
    are you staying in the states? you are always welcome in hawaii!! Blakes says hi!! lets keep in touch!! love,michee

  5. Hi Tabby,

    I too wonder if many people are trying to hit their stride this spring, me included, and perhaps leading the march!

    I realized this week too that saying no to opportunities is powerful. In the past, I have been always open to new opportunities crossing my path, but now perhaps we can be a little more “discriminatory”. It feels good!

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