Leap Before You Look

In our American culture it has been taught for a long time that the important things are outside of us … that we are meant to compete, achieve and bring home more goodies than our neighbor. This outlook on living has been going on for so long that it has actually become considered a bold and daring move to ask ourselves how we feel and what we truly need. With things unraveling as they are, it might be time to try something different.

Most of us waiver between the need for structure and the desire for our life to be exciting, unpredictable and exhilarating. In our culture it seems that most decisions are made from logic … I’m going to make more money at this job, so I will take it; I’m going to…, so I will… But what about decisions that are made based not on the head as director, but on hunches, feeling, and dare I say … intuition?

leaptabbyI have lived my adult life as an intuitive decision-maker. At age 26 I left the perfect job, boyfriend, friends, family and lifestyle to travel through Asia on a hunch. Coming from the background of being a super-planner, type A personality, competitive and Miss Calendar Girl who had her datebook filled to the gills with activities for the upcoming six months, I wanted to see what life would be like to live from my gut, live in the moment and make decisions based not on logic, but on intuition. Quite an experiment it was and continues to be!

It seems that as things are changing before us, the fiber of what we knew (or at least thought) American culture to be … there is a lot of questioning about our next steps. Should we try and rebuild what he had? Should we start fresh? Is there some hybrid of what was and what could be?

Battened down and frazzled with our To-Do lists, pushed and pulled by the “shoulds” and obsessively trying to be all things to all people, it seems that many of us have abandoned one of our greatest powers and resources … our very own inner-wisdom.

So as we move forward onto this new stage, how will you make decisions? What will guide you? Will you look before you leap or leap before you look?


Tabby Biddle is a writer and editor specializing in helping women entrepreneurs and emerging authors get their message out. Additionally she is the founder of Lotus Blossom Style, a yoga lifestyle company created to support women in their personal transformation. She lives in Santa Monica, CA.


12 thoughts on “Leap Before You Look

  1. Tabby,
    Yes, it is true what you wrote but our experiences changes us as well. And, yes we soon forget about our inner self and wisdom because we get disappointed too soon and discouraged to even try.
    Life threating events like cancer has made me think twice everyday to pursue my dream.
    In the end, it makes me proud but alone at the same time because by focusing on myself, I issolate myself and become increasingly an oddity in our follow the norm society.

    • Follow your dreams Miss Bita!!
      Maybe there are others who have similar dreams that you could create community with?
      Just a thought.
      I know that when I was pursuing singing (at the time, a dream completely out of the realm of what I was doing) — I signed up for a class — and those friends became very close friends and we supported each other and had so much fun!
      Is there a class you could sign up for or a free talk/event that would support you in your dream?


  2. First let me say that I love this blog cause it always gets down to the point!

    To answer the questions “how will you make decisions? What will guide you? Will you look before you leap or leap before you look?…

    I am personally a strong believer in balance. Therefore, I would say look where you want to go and then leap without looking…

  3. hi Tabby…very interesting thoughts.

    I know I ” W A N T ” to leap before I look (seems like that would be so freeing), but I also acknowledge that: “AHHHHH, I AM SCARED TO DO THAT!”

    But I do believe it is good and important to have goals that should guide our decisions…like…where am I heading by the daily decisions I make (looking)?
    Am I moving (leaping) in that direction?

    So I would say have an over-all idea, and then sometimes leap before you look…and other times it might be best to look before leaping. And let your intuition guide you as to which is best to do at any given moment.

    But for today, I will try to consciously leap somewhere before I look!

    • Yay Greg!! Have fun today!!
      Sounds smart on the other hand to have goals that should guide our decisions (looking) and asking yourself, am I moving (leaping) in that direction?
      Good to have those days too where you leap before you look. Shake things up!


  4. I too have spent my life being a seeker. In other words, I have followed the path that has felt right. Often with great resistance from others. I was born to be a leader, I know it. And I feel most people who intuit their actions – are.

    Also, Tabby, I would really appreciate your thoughts on my Spirited Woman Blog regarding our post on Rihanna. We are very involved with this now, due to our belief that it is a domestic abuse situation and she needs support. I would love your thoughts and comments on fighting abuse. Thank you, Nancy

    • Hi Nancy.

      Yes, I see that you are a seeker too. I know you are a woman who follows what feels right!

      Regarding Rihanna. Frankly, I have kind of been ignoring the news on that as I don’t like to get caught up in the all the celeb drama (although I do like celebs). This is not to say that the issue is not important, because for sure it is. Perhaps I will watch the Oprah segment that was mentioned in your Spirited Woman Blog and get back to you on this.


  5. in a yoga class last week i lept! lept into my nemesis–headstand. somehow, my mind stopped telling me i couldn’t and up i flew. quieting the mind, breathing deeply and lifting the corners of the mouth seem to do it every time!

    108 thanks for sharing your wisdom,

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