10 thoughts on “Women, Intuition and Business: The Fruits of My Labor

  1. Hi!

    Again, I just love your blog! Will these projects born of intuition ever put tofu on the table? And if they don’t, is that reason to abandon? I agree that a smart marketing strategy is a key ingredient to getting it to come together. Please keep me posted on yours!


  2. Tabby,
    You write well all you need to do is get to a broader audience with expanding your thought. If you publish a weekly colum in Oprah magazine and or any other women magazine and give the people your blog address or respond to them on the magazine, you will get a lot of response plus a few dollars per word for each article you write. That will be a great start until you publish your book.

  3. So sorry I think I’ve missed the last few blogs and I do so look forward to them. They’re great. I think there is something to our attitude that helps us make our luck. I think we always have to be ready to make that pitch, or see how a contact might be beneficial, and have the guts to try to bring things to the next level. We can’t be shy. We have to be tenacious. I always say to women you can’t get a job just praying and not sending out resumes.

    On the other hand, don’t quit your day job while you’re following your passion – and realize that even if you’re following your passion in your spare time, you have no idea how many seeds you’re planting and minds you’re reaching. There is fulfillment and true service in that – even it’s not providing monetarily. We can’t measure ourselves by our pocketbook.

  4. Bita!
    You are so sweet and the plan to write for some women’s magazines is in the works. I am on the hunt for online magazines that need freelance writers on the topics that I cover — women, transformation, travel, health, healing, science and spirituality.
    Thank you for the pep talk and ideas. It is always great to be supported by women friends.


  5. I’m convinced that you don’t have to make a choice. Dollars or passion. BUT, I’m also convinced (from my own mistakes, and watching many other women make the same ones) that it takes TIME. In my case, it’s taken me ten years. And if I look back, I might say my entire life. The times when I’ve been able to combine my passion (changing the world) and work (fish on the table) have been when I’ve been CRYSTAL clear on what I wanted. Anytime in-between, I haven’t been capable of rallying support around my ideas because they weren’t ripe yet. Very frustrating, humbling, and so important!

    • Fish on the table. 😉
      Thank you Lotta for the great reminder about TIME. Yes, things need time to brew — but it’s the grace of how to handle the very real aspects of life such as food, rent, bills, etc… in the meanwhile. That’s where I am now, and that seems to be the very juicy learning place.

      Thank you always for your wisdom,

  6. Karen,

    I love that — “you can’t get a job just by praying and not sending out resumes.”
    I finally figured that out and have been sending out resumes for the past 6 weeks — and now the next important piece is thorough follow-up and persistence. Areas that I am continually growing my muscles in. 🙂

    Thanks for writing in with your wisdom.
    ALWAYS appreciated!


  7. I met Gina briefly and I attended a full day seminar by David. Let me put it this way – if I had a choice of getting stuck on a yoga island or listening to these marketing “gurus” I’d pick a yoga island. For many, many reasons. And you know what? I like my life and the money I make.

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