What Sounds Help You Tune Into Your Best Vibes?

photo by Lee Schneider

photo by Lee Schneider

Stressed? Yes, most are these days…but what do you do to bring back your sanity?

I tend to choose yoga, quiet time, fresh air, walking, running, and being with friends as my de-stressors, but there is something else that has been showing up on my radar …and that is chanting, singing and the power of SOUND.

Think of how you feel when you hear the sound of a baby crying, compared to the soothing sound of trickling rain, to the sound of a jackhammer, ocean waves, gunshots on the tv news, or the sound of laughter. We all can feel how sound affects our mood, but what is interesting to me is why and how.

I recently learned that sound does not go through a thinking process. Sound actually connects to the emotional component of our brain.  Sound vibrations also reverberate through our bones. Knowing that, it’s more clear how sound can stress and conversely how sound can relieve and heal.

One of my resources for learning about the power of sound is my good friend Cecily Miller who has been using sound techniques for almost 20 years. Cecily is a sound specialist and is the founder and creator of Baby Welcoming, a company that supports pregnant women and their partners as they lovingly welcome their baby into their life. Sounding is one of Cecily’s amazing services. Click here for a sample.

So what if you are not a pregnant woman, but want to try out sounding as a de-stressor and technique to enhance your well-being?

If you live in the Los Angeles area, Cecily offers group classes as well as private sessions that she calls “Tune-Ups.” She says: “When we stress we contract and this activates in the nervous system a flight/flight/freeze reaction. Sound speaks to, infuses and clears cells, bones, tissues, and muscles…Sound will communicate with the real you and tune into your best vibes.” Cecily is a great teacher and I highly recommend working with her.

If you are not in the LA area or aren’t into trying out a class, you can tune into sounds from your own body such as your breath or your heartbeat, you can tune into nature sounds such as ocean waves or the birds outside, or you can tune into the sound of your loved ones.

What sounds help you tune into your best vibes?


6 thoughts on “What Sounds Help You Tune Into Your Best Vibes?

  1. Tabby,
    I usually stress out over my family problems, lack of daily routine, bills, pain and physical limitations that I now have. Recently, the only thing that destresses me is sleep (although too much sleep brings depression). With stress, I lose a lot of sleep and I get edgy and irritable. So, I don’t answer phones, I don’t talk to my family, get back to my dialy routine and exercise regularly, and just catch up on my sleep to get my energy back and also ease the pain. After a good sleep, I get a healthy appetite and sort of regroup until the next stresser heat me down.

  2. Great Picture of Cecily (and update on what she’s doing!)


    and I remember one retreat where we had a dijeridu meditation next to the creek in the mountains, it was amazing! (where you at that retreat Tabby?…Peekamoose?)

    GREAT dijeridu VIBES!

    I also like ringing my Tibetian Singing Bowl! AMAZING for connecting and calming one-self.

  3. Yes! I remember that retreat with the dijeridu out in the woods at Peekamoose. Wow! That was fantastic and my first experience with dijeridu healing. I miss Spirit in Motion too! Cecily is starting to travel from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica for workshops and privates — so this is a GREAT THING for us SM locals. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your de-stressors Greg! You inspired me to get out my Tibetan Singing Bowl. That’s a goodie!

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