Hope Won…Now What?

barackHope won on Tuesday. Many hearts broke open with joy with this result. What many never thought possible in their lifetime – an African American as the United States President — became possible. In fact it became more than possible, it became a reality. So now as many of us celebrate this history-making moment and revel in the excitement of what this means for our country, just as many are wondering what we will do to keep Hope the winner.

Proposition 8 in California, the measure to put a ban on same sex marriages, passed by a slim margin – making it illegal now for gay partners to marry and celebrate their love and commitment in the same way that heterosexual couples can. Can those Americans who are being denied this human right still be hopeful? Will hope win here?

Can we also stay hopeful in the midst of market meltdown and the calamity of being amidst two economically and emotionally draining wars? How about staying hopeful as health insurance claims are denied and our children are struggling at their underfunded schools? If things get worse before they get better, will we lose hope? And if we lose hope, then what??

Our new President elect, Barack Obama, gave us all a call to action to serve our country in some way during his acceptance speech on Tuesday night. Are we ready step up to this challenge? What will you do personally to help your country?

I believe that if we can come together in a commitment to choose love and compassion over hatred and division, then no matter what we are challenged with – we will come out as winners. I am proud of our country, proud of one another and proud to live in this time of great change. I think that with as many challenges as we face right now, we can in fact DO IT! Yes we can! Yes we can!! Let this great mantra awaken you each morning with a positive attitude and faith. No matter what side of the political river you are on, if we can come together to help others in need (which ultimately is most all of us), we can truly make a positive and lasting difference in this world.

I thought Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement put it beautifully on Wednesday when he said, “I felt that Barack Obama had been tracked down by the spirit of history and was allowing himself to be used for the common good.” Can we also allow ourselves to be used for the common good?


5 thoughts on “Hope Won…Now What?

  1. Hi Tabby,
    I love Lewis’ analogy. I think we all have to think like that. We have to keep ourselves wrapped in the blanket of hope that we all feel right now and hold on tight. When we feel as if things aren’t going well, we have to keep trusting Obama that he is our best hope to look to the needs of the many, rather than the few. We have to do our part too — care about each other, help each other, keep this community spirit thriving that we’re all in this together and not go back to the “dog eat dog” dominator ideas that lead to survival of the fittest, exploitation, etc. We have to change too – not just expect our country to change. We have to fight to keep the status quo way of doing things from rising back up. It’s up to set the new benchmarks for living.

  2. Dear Tabby- Enjoyed reading this this AM! I am imagining that santa monica is suiting you very well! : ) Am I right?! Hope you are well. Much love and happiness! Xo

  3. Your writings always resonate with me.
    I believe that a personal committment to making a difference with everyone is the order of the day, whether it’s a smile, an offer to hold a package for someone, while they get in their car, whether it’s giving someone change at a counter when they’re fumbling….empowering yourself to know you’re “in positive” action makes such a difference to the planet….
    Keep it up!!!!!!

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