Market Plunge and the Divine Feminine

For so long we have lived in a society of competition and conquering as a mark of success, but now as the market plunges and our country continues spending trillions of dollars in seemingly unending wars — some new ideals are changing the tides. A little something called Social Networking seems to be the new order of the day!

Facebook and LinkedIn are two Social Networks that are growing tremendously. As subscriber numbers increase in masses, the energy of cooperation instead of competition is beginning to prevail. In fact, sharing instead of obtaining is emerging as a preferred way to do business and live life.

Another type of Social Network popping up and growing quickly is entrepreneurial groups for women. My favorite is Ladies Who Launch. I joined with them one year ago when I was launching my clothing line, Lotus Blossom Style. The group was set up to help women do business the way women like to do business – through resource sharing and networking. Other groups I am fond of are An Empowered Woman and Spirited Woman, both based in Los Angeles. What I’ve seen among my friends and colleagues is that women are no longer stuck in a stereotype, no longer pitted against one another as backstabbers and catfighters. Instead, women are claiming their power as business owners and helping one another grow and expand into their dreams and potential.

I wonder if this new generous attitude of resource sharing and networking could lead to a new way of being? And…why is this happening now in this dog-eat-dog market crash and burn environment?

One theory of mine is that the Divine Feminine is coming back with gusto into our lives. The Divine Feminine, a term used to describe the feminine aspect of the Universe (Divinity, God, or however you like to call what is larger than ourselves), has typically represented the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, receptivity, sharing and kindness. It has been personified for thousands of years through goddess archetypes such as Kuan Yin, Tara, Aphrodite, Athena, Kali, Isis, Gaia and others. Through the years women and men in many cultures have continued to honor goddesses, however lately there seems to be a resurgence. In fact this weekend I am attending an event in Los Angeles to celebrate our ancient connection to the Divine Feminine, called the Gaia Festival. This is one of many celebrations around the globe honoring the Divine Feminine.

Once upon a time it was about the lone wolf attitude of who could make the most money the fastest. However, the free-falling of our own stock market followed quickly by similar dire straights of the foreign markets only emphasizes our interconnectedness. No one really knows exactly why the market is crashing now, but perhaps we could draw a lesson from the way these Social Networks and the Divine Feminine envision the world with their emphasis on cooperation and sharing of resources and an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all of us. Could this very old, and at the same time new way of being transform our society?


12 thoughts on “Market Plunge and the Divine Feminine

  1. Mornin’ Tabby,
    First, I’m so glad you’re coming to Gaia Fest. I look forward to spending some time with you. Second, I couldn’t agree more with your post. I’ve not gotten up to speed using the social networks yet, but it’s on my radar screen. And as far as the Sacred Feminine rising her head, I totally agree. I might be wrong, but I believe it started with Katrina. I think this natural disaster of Mother Nature, (and let’s remember Katrina’s devastation was due more to faulty workmanship on the levees, destruction of the wetlands by greedy developers – arrogance, greed) was the catalyst first exposing this Administration. It’s been downhill since then to a certain extent. We’re seeing how now worrying about the many, and focusing on padding the pockets of the few, the richest, is not working anymore. People want change – and I think as more and more people realize the ideals of the Sacred Feminine, they will recognize the difference between the patriarchal domination and control methods vs. the reciprocity, tolerance, diversity, inter-connected methods of the Feminine Consciousness. This is a scary time – but being a realist, could we really expect to have such a fundamental change come easily?


  2. Hi Tabby.. your entry today was particularly timely for me. Thank you for your work and your insight. As a newly single woman with many new responsibilities.. bills, job, business, home mortgage, property management.. I was getting really deep into fear that I couldn’t do it and that I needed a rescuer..Your blog today reminded me that I am richly and deeply connected with amazing powerful women and that I am capable of tapping into my own goddess energy and focus to take care and love myself through the fear.. not to go back to being small and rescued.. THank you. I don’t know if you remember me from Todd’s YTT, but I am thrilled that I am in your, elizabeth

  3. Oh, Tabby…

    Your post came in at the absolute perfect time for me as a confirmation of how I am proposing to live my life. You are a light, and I’m inspired by your writing to write myself.

    Thank you, and I look forward to when we meet again.

  4. Thanks for your article. I saw a women’s networking group advertised on Facebook. It looks like its going to be a fairly useful tool. I signed up for the prelaunch email list.
    I myself belong to qoute a few business sites for women but the problem with most of them is that you join and everyone just sends kmass emails to the members and not much networking is really done. this new site has a bit more meat to it, it seems. I guess we will find out when it launches!

  5. I loved what you wrote Karen. Excellent point about being a realist and asking the question — could we really expect such fundamental change to come easily?

    I look forward to seeing you this weekend at the Gaia Festival! I’ll be vending Lotus Blossom Style and the Love Our Earth Goddess Tees. 🙂


  6. Hi Elizabeth!

    So good to hear from you!! Yes, I remember you from Todd’s YTT! That was my first teaching training and a very memorable one. Are you teaching yoga?

    I hear you on the challenges you are going through. They can be scary, I know. I am so happy to hear that the blog inspired you to tap into your goddess energy and was a reminder of the amazing powerful women that you are connected with.

    Please keep in touch Elizabeth.

  7. Tabby,

    I am so glad that you write your blog to inspire people like me and also I like the fact that you inform us about yoga events. Hopefully, I will make it to one soon.

  8. Dear Tabby,

    I love your blog and was so glad to meet you at Gaia Festival! Your tshirts and baby onesies are glorious! I’m definitely going to buy some as Christmas gifts this year.

    I know the market plunge is very real, but at the same time, it’s also a state of mind and spirit, as your article suggests. I think now is the time to not only watch our pennies, but more importantly to watch our thought patterns around money, resources and financial support.

    Being positive and generous during rough financial times helps to counteract the negativity that seems to breed in this kind of environment. Even if we can only give of our time, this is still a resource and requires $0 in our bank accounts.

    I’d like to see a list of charities that could use volunteer help at this time, instead of $$$. I’m sure there are a lot out there. What do you think?

    Love and blessings,


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