Kali: She Transforms the Lives of Those Who Honor Her

One of the comments that I received in response to my last blog was about the Hindu Goddess Kali. Kali, known as the Goddess of Destruction, has always been a bit intimidating to me. With a big sword, skulls as her jewelry adornment, and a dominating position over what looks like a deceased body, you can you imagine why, right?

Kali has often been depicted as destructive, ugly, and violent — almost exactly the opposite of what you might picture for a goddess. However, ever since I started the Goddess Collection of Lotus Blossom Style, women have been asking me to make a Kali design.

Kali is one of those goddesses that I have feared, but have also been completely fascinated by. You know that feeling when something seems dangerous, but you are still drawn to it. A little bit like the feeling one might get when they are ready to jump out of a plane (which I have never done) or off of a cliff (which I have in fact done multiple times.)

So what is appealing about a Goddess of Destruction? Why would one worship her, honor her or want to wear a shirt with her image? For a long time I have asked myself these questions.

Felice, the blogger who wrote about Kali, described her as the “vibrating, motivating energy of the Universe!” and said, “with her sword she cuts off all that separates us from our true nature.” And with that one single comment from Felice, I finally GOT Kali!

People had told me that Kali is nurturing, loving, and compassionate, but I did not understand. With a big sword and a skull necklace, she did not look nurturing and loving to me. But from Felice’s comment I finally understood that Kali is helping us to see our true nature by cutting down the blinds that our ego can sometimes create. Thank you Felice for describing Kali’s actions in this way! It is amazing to me how one person’s way of describing their experience can completely awaken you to a new understanding of your own experience.

When I launched the Goddess Collection and women were asking me to make a Kali design, I felt scared, unprepared, overwhelmed, you name it. In some ways I was tempted because I knew what power and message she holds, but on the other hand I was not ready to take responsibility for the grandness of my own true nature that Kali could evoke.

After a year of learning more about Kali from other women who have welcomed her with bravery, I feel ready to welcome her too. Kali as the destroyer is also the Creatrix. I am happy to report that a Kali design is in the works to be released through Lotus Blossom Style’s Goddess Collection in September.


7 thoughts on “Kali: She Transforms the Lives of Those Who Honor Her

  1. That will be exciting!! I think Kali is one of the most powerful and transformational goddesses out there. She helps us when we want to start over, helps us use energy we have in our rage (whether it be over the degradation of the environment, use of rape as a war tactic, or even over just a disrespectful boyfriend, or colleague or whatever) to transform/transcend into a different and better way of being. Can’t wait to see the design!

  2. Dear Tabby I find your blog fascinating. I am getting quite an education on a subject I know little about. I am enjoying reading your blog- Love, Susie

  3. Hi Susie!

    It is my great pleasure to write the blog and talk more and more about goddesses and the incredible force that they are! I am so happy you are enjoying reading them and learning bits and pieces.

  4. I see Sekhemt as the egyptian version of Kali. I love having these goddesses in my life. I guess it is our negative egos that fear her. She will cleave us back to our bare skulls and make us one with our true nature.

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