The Goddess Collection

Seven months after the yoga retreat that introduced me to Lakshmi and Sarasvati (see the blog below — “This Goddess is Hindu”), Lotus Blossom Style was born.

Birthdate: August 1, 2007
Gender: Goddess

Lotus Blossom Style started with my wish to bring positive and peaceful images and messages to everyday comfy, fun and environmentally friendly clothing. I wanted to be a force of change in the marketplace so that more companies would think about creating positive imagery and caring for our earth, not just on and with clothing, but in magazines, billboards, commercials and film. I wanted to transform culture through clothing!

I picked the name “Lotus Blossom Style” to represent my strong belief in every human’s potential to unfold toward their potential. The lotus, a sacred flower in the Hindu and Tibetan traditions, has been a longtime symbol representing the spiritual journey. As a longtime seeker and journeyer as well as a playful soul, I decided this name would be perfect!

My first design for the clothing line was a blossomed lotus with the words underneath “live your truth.”

What came unexpectedly was my next design — a Goddess!

Green Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Compassion in Action, blossomed right up and out through the center of the lotus to make her presence known. At first I was surprised since my initial visioning did not include goddesses, but then realized that Green Tara’s mission to act on the behalf of all human beings to help them move toward their beautiful potential somehow was moving through me.

A number of years earlier, when taking the Tibetan Buddhist vows, I had been given Tara’s name. The variation I received was “Supreme Tara of Clear Light.” This of course drew me toward her and made me want to learn more about her!

Over time I learned that Tara is the female form of the Buddha of Compassion. In human form, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is considered a manifestation of the Buddha of Compassion. The story goes: Once upon a time when the Buddha of Compassion heard the cries of all living beings across the land, he shed two tears. From one teardrop, it is said that Green Tara emerged, and from the other teardrop, White Tara.

Green Tara is swift, courageous and playful. She is an action goddess – helping all individuals remove obstacles that may be blocking them from their spiritual growth.

White Tara is earthy, grounded, and has motherly compassion. She cares for all people as if they are her own children and reminds us that we are all sisters and brothers and need to take care of each other. She is a mother goddess.

Both of these Taras have proven to be wonderful role models for me.
To see myself in their image has been incredibly empowering. To imagine that I too have the strength, wisdom, compassion, and love that these gals do has helped me move mountains.

People have asked me, “Do you consider these goddesses real people?”
The answer to that is that I sometimes consider them role models, sometimes sisters, sometimes archetypes, sometimes mythological characters, and sometimes true goddesses. In whatever role I consider them, they have allowed me to see myself in the image of the divine and have helped me wake up to a lot of strengths that were laying dormant.

Soon after Green Tara and White Tara emerged, Lakshmi came knocking on Lotus Blossom Style’s door. It became clear that a sisterhood of goddesses was being formed and that each one was here to deliver an important message. I named this sisterhood, “The Goddess Collection.

Are there any goddesses that have come knocking on your door unexpectedly?


4 thoughts on “The Goddess Collection

  1. A Goddess came knocking and my door and nearly knocked me over!

    Sometime in the late 60s I entered what was known then as a “head shop”. It was located on Fairfax Avenue, the center of L.A.’s counter-culture at the time. I was a straight-laced ‘good girl’, so what led me into this shop? I had no idea! Then I found out, in no uncertain terms.

    There was a poster of a black Goddess with a necklace of skulls, brandishing a sword and standing atop an adoring male figure. I had no idea what I was looking at. I only knew that I burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably.

    When I was able to control myself, I asked the sales clerk about the Goddess and he had no idea what She was. No help there, but I bought the poster anyway and brought Kali into my life.

    After much research I discovered that She is the vibrating, motivating energy of the Universe! With Her sword She cuts off all the separates us from our true nature. She is lovingly firm as She grants us ‘boons’ or favors and assures us to be fearless in our quest for liberation.

    She is wholeness, showing us love and determination, mothering and fierceness…like a mama bear. Kali has guided me with relentless kindness and caring, even if it doesn’t always feel that way in the moment, since that day in the head shop.

    Jai Ma Kali!

  2. Felice!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story about meeting Kali for the first time. She is a POWERFUL gal. I myself have been trying to understand her over this past year and admit that I have had some fears about dancing with a goddess as powerful as she and stepping into my own power as such. Your description and relation to her as the vibrating, motivating energy of the Universe speaks to me strongly. I love how you describe her swords as cutting off what separates us from our true nature. I finally get that!

    Thank you for sharing about Kali. I believe she is an often misunderstood goddess. Your description of her as being lovingly firm and assuring us to be fearless in our quest for liberation has put her in a new light. I like to think of her now as a Mama bear as you suggested. Mothering and fierce. Both beautiful qualities when it comes to truth.

    Thanks Felice!

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