How I Met My First Goddess!

Hello World!

I started Lotus Blossom Style with a mission to bring messages from yoga and Tibetan Buddhism onto our everyday fun and comfy clothing – to have a yogic experience beyond the yoga studio or ashram or meditation hall. What I did not know when I started was that I would soon be having a dialogue with and about Goddesses!

I had my first “experience” with a goddess when one of my yoga students a number of years back gave me a bright yellow t-shirt with a beautiful pink goddess on the front. I knew I was looking at a Hindu figure, but had no clue who she was or how to she would play a significant role in my life.

Years later, I was on a trip to Tibet and I brought that yellow t-shirt with me. At this time, I was convinced that the goddess was Tibetan. This was mostly because I had been studying Tibetan Buddhism for awhile and even received a Tibetan goddess name when I took the vows. The name given to me was “Tara of Supreme Light.” Even though I had heard of Tara, I did not really know about her, her stories, or her great significance. Mostly I just knew that she was considered the main female figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

So, as I traveled around Tibet, I began asking Tibetans if they knew who this goddess was on my shirt. I got a lot of questioning looks. They did not recognize her. I thought for sure someone could tell me. But disappointingly, they couldn’t! Finally a Tibetan monk told me, “I don’t think she is Tibetan. I think she is Hindu.” I felt disappointed because I wanted her to be Tibetan and I wanted my search for her identity to be completed. This however is not what happened

You might find it strange that I could be so wrapped up in finding out who this gal was on my t-shirt, but I knew this goddess had some great significance because every time I wore the shirt I felt so happy, so at home, and so centered in myself. Aside from the shirt being bright yellow, I knew this goddess had something to do with it!

I’ll continue this story in my next blog as I know this blog is getting long. This is my first experience with blogging and I am very much looking forward to sharing the Goddess Diaries with you and hearing all about your goddess experiences!

I want to introduce this blog as a platform for all of us (women and men) to share our stories with each other about how the goddess has entered our lives, given us guidance, or come to us in some other way that has helped us understand ourselves and each other and this incredible world in more depth and truth.

I’m looking forward to this experience with you.


Tabby Biddle

Founder and Designer

Lotus Blossom Style


9 thoughts on “How I Met My First Goddess!

  1. Great job, Tabby! I always wondered where the original inspiration came from, and now I know that it was in Tibet. I look forward to wearing a Goddess t-shirt with joy and a feeling of being centered too!

    Lots of love,

  2. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. You’re off to a good start (don’t forget to delete the sample comment from above)


  3. Tabby, here is my goddess story I told you about. I love the idea of a goddess blog!!! so fabulous!! : ) Have a blessed day. xoxo – Lydia

    Last Christmas, I was late for Mass – by a few hours. By the time I got to church, it was quiet and dark, nearly all candlelit. I found an alcove where I could kneel and pray to the Virgin Mary. After a few minutes, I had an astounding vision of Her, in her blue robe, hands outstretched, with the healing light of one thousand suns gently radiating from her heart, straight into mine and a dear friend of mine. The experience was indescribable, suffice it to say that it was a complete feeling of absolute union in this light. I felt at that moment that everything that needed healing in my life was healed already. As if that was not enough of a blessing, I had no idea that was just the beginning; all I knew was that I wanted nothing more but to know Her more after that. I purchased a book of prayers to the Virgin Mary and fell in love with a short, simple and beautiful one in particular. I memorized and said it daily.

    A few months later, I was in transit in Taipei , Taiwan , walking up and down the terminal, I saw a small area with prayer rooms. One for Muslims, with a prayer rug on the floor, one for Buddhists with pillows for meditation, and a small room for Christians, with a simple wooden cross, some wood benches and a small picture to the left of the cross.

    I decided to go inside and pray for my father who I was worried was ill. I went inside and walked closer to the wall to inspect the picture. It was a picture of a Black Madonna, with two scars across her cheeks. In small print, it stated “Our Lady of Czestochowa.” Something about that long Polish name made my heart beat a little faster. I had a foggy idea somewhere in the back of my mind about what I had just seen, but wasn’t entirely sure, so I sat on bench, and pray as intended. Then I rushed to the free internet kiosk and typed in “Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa” and there it was…my prayer – the one I had been saying daily! I had changed the phrasing “Lady of Czestochowa” to simply “Holy Mother” months ago and I had forgotten the long difficult word Czestochowa .

    I was excited and very happy, and admittedly, a little bit freaked out. I read everything I could about this Black Madonna. There were myths about why She was black, how She had protected a church from ruin, how She ended up in this town in Poland , and why She had scars on her face. That She had undergone fire, attacks, traveled a difficult journey, and was imperfect – this made Her absolutely perfect to me. In that prayer room in the corner of an airport terminal, She found a quiet space to tell me She had heard my daily prayers of consecration, that She is here, understands my vulnerabilities, is with me through difficult moments and that She is here with me on this journey. In the dark silence of a church, She had invited me to speak to her and I had accepted it – I believe this will be a lifelong conversation of love, understanding and wisdom, and it will happen, only when I am willing to be silent and willing to be surprised.

    xo – Lydia,

  4. Lydia,

    This is sooooooooo beautiful! I am so touched and honored that you shared it. It is so moving and I connect with it tremendously. I think that when others hear your story, you are giving them permission to then share their stories and the power of the feminine will come out more and more from behind closed doors. The feminine is so beautiful and has so much to offer us and I am so excited that you stepped forward with your story.

    In sisterhood and love,

  5. Tabby,

    I love your website and G-desses diaries although I have been taking yoga on and off for the last ten years, I have never knew the power and peace that yoga brings specially when I am reading your blogs, it takes me to another serene place. I am very lucky to have met you and be able to use your guidence to find relaxtion and stressfree life once again. Besides, I can’t wait to read the rest of your search on Lackshmi. Thank you for bringing light into my day and I am grateful for the blessing I have received from your yoga teaching and your continued support.

  6. Bita,
    It has been my great pleasure to watch you grow and change in your yoga practice. I feel very blessed and graced to have worked with you all this time. You are a woman with great beauty, wisdom and strength! May yoga continue to serve you in this beautiful journey of life!!

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